Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


The Candidates' Weaknesses include their inability to:
(1) Arrange answers appropriately
(2) Write correct spellings
(3) Name the parts labelled
(4) Enumerate or mention the functions of the parts labelled
(5) Write down the dental formula of the teeth
(6) Determine the number of teeth in the full set
(7) Identify female reproductive system.
(8) Identify part of a female reproductive system that could be cut as a permanent
contraceptive method
(9) State condition associated with fallopian tube and uterus/womb which may result
in infertility
(10) Identify sperm/spermatozoon/male sex cell
(11) mention types of mental illness that could affect the brain
(12) list disease-causing organisms
(13) state ways by which disease are generally controlled
(14) mention types of wound which normally occur in humans
(15) mention agencies that render First Aid Services
(16) mention classes of communicable diseases
(17) give reason why the pituitary gland is described as a master gland.
The following remedies were suggested to overcome the weaknesses
Candidates should
(1) Endeavour to learn spellings by drawing diagrams themselves and involve in
aspect of the subject
(2) Candidates should learn how to answer questions appropriately


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