Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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  1. (a)    State two roles of an eye specialist in the correction of eye defect.              [ 2 marks ]
    (b)    State five ways of caring for the eye                                                              [5 marks ]
    (c)     Explain the term accommodation of the eye                                                [3 marks ]



This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was good.  In part (a) majority of the candidates correctly stated roles of an eye specialist in the correction of eye defect. In part (b) candidates correctly stated ways of caring for the eye.  In part (c) candidates correctly explained  accommodation of the eye.
The expected answers were as follows:
6(a)      Roles of an eye specialist in the correction of eye defect

  • diagnosis of the eye defect/eye test
  • prescription of drugs
  • operation of the eye (if need be)
  • issuance of eye lenses/spectacles/correction of eye defect
  • advise/education on the proper care of the eyes/Health Education

(b)        Care of the eyes                          

  • avoid physical blows to the eyes
  • avoid reading when a vehicle is moving
  • avoid reading when lying on the bed
  • avoid rubbing the eye with dirty hands/objects
  • always wash your eyes with clean water
  • do not use other peoples towels to clean face
  • if there is an eye infection or an eye defect see eye specialist/doctor
  • avoid bathing in fast flowing rivers
  • read with good light
  • do not read books too close or too far from the eye/read book with good print
  • avoid self medication
  • eat food rich in vitamin A
  • use only recommended glasses/protective eye glasses
  • avoid too bright light/sun/TV
  • avoid corrosive materials/acids/particles

   (c)     Explanation of the term accommodation
- the ability of the eye to adjust/focus/see/ distant objects
-with equal clarity                                                        
- brought about by the action of ciliary muscles.

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