Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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Question 5

Question  5

  1.  (i)  Mention six methods of disposing domestic refuse.                               [ 6 marks]

(ii)   State three differences between water closet and pit latrine.                 [6 marks]

    •  Explain maternal health.                                                                                [3 marks]
    •  State five services that are rendered by the hospital to expectant mothers   [5 marks]


    This question was popular among candidates and their performance was good.  In part (a)(i) candidates correctly mention methods of disposing domestic refuse and in (a)(ii) candidates also correctly state differences between water closet and pit latrine.  In part (b) candidates could not correctly explain maternal health some candidates explained prenatal and postnatal as maternal health, while some also explained the term maternal health the expectant mother or expectant young baby.  In part (c) candidates correctly state services that are rendered by the hospital to expectant mother.

However, the expected answers were as follows:

5. (a) (i) Methods of disposing domestic refuse

  • burying of refuse/sanitary land fill
  • dumping in refuse pit
  • communal incinerator
  • use of dumping site
  • composting
  • burning                    
  • use of collection truck
  • dust bins/garbage cans
  • pulverisation

 (ii)                        Differences between water closet and pit latrine
Water closet                                             Pit latrine
           -  very expensive to construct/maintain          -  not expensive to construct/maintain
           -  very hygienic and neat                                -  usually dirty
           -  if maintained/flushed, very descent            -  not descent
           -  it can be easily disposed                             -  not easily disposed
           -  diseases cannot be contacted                      -  diseases can easily be contacted
           -  if maintained/cleaned, bad odour               -  bad odour is usually perceived
               cannot be perceived                                       
           -  there is no fear of sinking                          -  it can easily sink
            -  use of water is essential                            -  use of water is not essential
      *    Points must correspond to score
      *    Do not penalize for non tabulation                          

(b)        Maternal health

            Maternal health are pre-natal and post-natal clinic procedures for the treatment of
            expectant mother and expected young baby


(c)        Services that are rendered by the hospital to expectant mother

    • medication/prescription of drugs
    • collection of blood/urine sample for test
    • regular examination of baby position/pulse rate
    • counselling/advice on nutrition/diet/exercises
    • vaccination/immunization against diseases
    • regular weighing of expectant mother
    • regular checking of blood pressure
    • counselling on child spacing.
    • ensure safe delivery













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