Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 4  
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General Comments

Candidates' Strength
  1. Candidates showed improvement in their ability to:

    • obey instructions in answering the correct number of questions;
    • write number of questions answered on top of the answer scripts;
    • write different choice of questions without copying one another;
    • list types of family;
    • list factors that influence family life;
    • state instances in which an individual would not be allowed to donate blood;
    • state sources of water pollution;
    • state objectives of First Aid;
    • mention diseases of the reproductive system;
    • list types of worms that infest humans;
    • state effects of worm infestation in humans;
    • describe how water is purified for supply to a township;
    • describe the process of carrying out mouth to mouth resuscitation;
    • describe the first aid given to a victim of snake bite;
    • copy and complete the table on rabies and measles with their causative agent, one mode of transmission, one method of prevention/control;
    • state advantages of family planning;
    • state methods of controlling AIDS.
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