Health Education Paper 3 May/June 2015


Candidate showed improvement in their ability to:

  • be independent in their answers.
  • state function of the urino genital system
  • suggest the disease the person be suffering from in the illustrated diagram
  • mention food items that could improve the condition of the person suffering from the disease known as Kwashiorkor..
  • state functions each of the parts labelled I and VII in the illustrated diagram of the digestive system.
  • mention disorders associated with the part labelled I of the digestive system.
  • list First Aid materials
  • define First Aid.
  • state objectives of First Aid
  • outline principles of First Aid
  • explain the term food preservation.
  • mention effects of poor food hygiene.
  • list food items that can be preserved by canning.
  • define vitamins
  • list factors that may lead to unbalanced diet