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History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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Question 10

(a). Name any three political parties in Nigeria at Independence.

(b) Outline four reasons why those political parties in Nigeria were described as regional parties.


This was another popular question.  Many of the candidates who attempted it correctly identified the political parties at independence in Nigeria which included Action Group, National Council of Nigerian
Citizens, Northern Peoples Congress and Northern Elements ProgressiveUnion.

However, in (b) only a few candidates produced correct answers asregards why such parties were described as regional parties.  They were expected to outline the following points:

  • each of the political parties in Nigeria had one particular region as its stronghold;
  • none of the parties succeeded in gaining nationwide acceptance;
  • leadership of the parties continued to be from the same region without any serious attempt to change it;
  • the same party won all elections in each of the regions, etc.
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