Literature-In-English Paper 3,Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 4

Compare the character of Jaja and Kambili in the novel.





Both Jaja and Kambili have endured years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of their father. They however react differently to the autocratic behaviour of their father.
Kambili becomes shy, timid and reticent; she emerges as a naive, inexperienced and submissive girl. Jaja is quite the opposite – he becomes rebellious against Eugene’s autocratic and brutal behaviour – refusal of holy sacrament on Palm Sunday.  Kambili lies to their father on the cashew drink while Jaja walks out on his father without any comment.
He demands for his room key from him to protect his privacy – an action Kambili cannot think of. At the end of the novel, he takes blame for the death of his father to save his mother.

Most candidates answered this question poorly, rather than comparing the characters of Jaja and Kambili they discussed them separately.

Candidates’ performance was poor.

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