General Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 8

Using ruler and a pair of compasses only,
(a) construct
(i) a quadrilateral PQRS with IPSI :: 6 cm, LRSP:: 90°,
= 9 ern, IQRI = 8.4 cm and IPQI :: 5.4 cm;
(ii) the bisectors of LRSP and LSPQ to meet at X;
(iii) The perpendicular XTto meet PS at T.

(b) Measure IXT/'



This question on geometrical construction was reported to be quite unpopular among the candidates. Very few of them attempted it and their performance was said to be poor. A good number of them measured the angles instead of constructing them. Others could not construct a perpendicular from a given point to a given line segment. Teachers are encouraged to emphasize this area of the syllabus

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