General Mathematics Paper 2,May/June. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 2

Sonny is twice as old as Wale.  Four years ago, he was four times as old as Wale.  When will the sum of their ages be 66?


The Chief Examiner reported that majority of the candidates did not attempt this question correctly.  A good number of them could not interpret the question correctly.  Some others displayed poor manipulative skills hence could not arrive at the correct answers.  Candidates were expected to represent the unknown ages with variables such as x and y.  Thus, if Sonny’s age = x and Wale’s age = y, then from the first statement, y = 2x.  From the second statement, y – 4 = 4(x – 4) i.e. y = 4x – 12.  Solving these two equations simultaneously gave y = 12 and x = 6.

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