General Mathematics Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2019

Candidates' Weakness


┬áThe Chief Examiner observed that the candidates’ showed weaknesses in the following areas:

  1. Inadequate knowledge of drawing graphs and reading from it.
  2. Omission of units and failure to give state answers in monetary value as required.
  3. Non adherence to rubrics.
  4. Inability differentiate between frequency and cumulative frequency
  5. Failure to express answers to the required degree of accuracy.
  6. Inability to identify the principle or concepts to be used in solving a problem
  7. Adherence to the rubrics of questions
  8. Poor interpretation of questions and inability to apply mathematical principles correctly.



The Chief Examiner suggested that to overcome the challenges stated, the following remedies should be considered:

  1. Teachers should endeavor to pay more attention to topics that requires drawing of graphs such as trigonometry graph and cumulative frequency graphs.
  2. Teachers should lay emphasis on writing final answers in the required units while teaching.
  3. School Proprietors and Government should provide conducive environment and condition for effective learning.
  4. Candidates should be encouraged to read questions carefully and understand their requirements before attempting them.
  5. Teachers and candidates are encouraged to cover the teaching curriculum while preparing for examination so as to enhance performance.
  6. Teachers should rise up to their responsibilities and make learning interactive.