Music Paper 2, May/June. 2013  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 Main
General Comments



The following weaknesses were perceptible in the candidates’ scripts:

(1) Incoherent Response Most candidates were incoherent in their responses to questions and such responses could only have been caused by inadequate preparation or impatient in reading and understanding the questions before attempting to answer it.

(2) Poor knowledge of balance in melody writing Candidates did not exhibit a thorough knowledge of balance in melody writing as well as form and modulation to the dominant. A few who attempt to modulate did not show adequate knowledge in modulation. Steps of notes were in most cases wrongly directed and melodies were shapeless. Also, most candidates did not understand the concept of setting a given text to music.

(3) Poor knowledge of chord progression and cadences Candidates also displayed a very poor knowledge of chord progression and cadences, inaccurate spacing and poor notes placing on the staves.


The solution to these inadequacies is simply for candidates to ensure they prepare adequately for examination by reading relevant textbooks and consulting competent professionals. Candidates should also endeavour to get and practice with the prescribed set-pieces before sitting for examination.

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