Physics Paper 1, May/June2011  
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General Comments



General Comments

The two alternative papers (A & B) compared favourably with each other and with those of the previous years in terms of standard of the questions.  The questions were structured in simple clear language.  The rubrics were quite clear.  The marking schemes were adequately detailed, clear and simple to follow.

The assessment objectives were to determine the level to which the candidates could

  •  set up simple experiments;
  • follow carefully a given sequence of instructions;
  • collect and analyze data;
  • make deductions from the analysis;
  • plot and interpret graphs;
  • show understanding of the theories behind the experiments.

           There was an improvement in the performance of the candidates compared with that of
           last year. The candidature of 502823 recorded a raw mean score of 24 with a standard
           deviation of 10.58  as against a mean score  of  20 with a standard deviation of  9.43 
           in 2010 with candidature of 469,019.

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