Physics Paper 1, May/June2011  
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General Comments




Some of the candidates were unable to:
          -    read the required values of angles correctly using the protractor
          -    evaluate the logarithms of the current and voltage correctly
          -    plot graph of the logarithmic values
          -    draw correct lines of best fit for graphs
          -    obtain  correct and neat traces of ray diagrams.
          -    state snell’s law of refraction correctly.
          -    convert values to S.I units.
          -    distinguish between the axes
          -    disregard to instructions e.g. not starting  a graph from origin when required to do so;
         non-attachment of traces to the answer booklet as in question 2.
          -     state effect of increase in x on brightness of the bulb nor reasons for answers given.
The suggested remedies were as follows:

  •  Physics teachers should endeavour to conduct constant and regular practical classes early enough.
  • WAEC should strictly ensure that laboratories are well equipped before schools are accredited  to write WASSCE
  • Teachers should be encouraged to attend coordination meetings even when they are not invited, so that they can acquire more experience.
  • Teachers should ensure that apparatus supplied to candidates are in good conditions.
  • Teachers, should give regular drills, exercises in conversion of values, decimal places/significant figures, logarithms.

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