Physics Paper 2, May/June2010  
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General Comments


Candidates did not show acceptable level of knowledge in:
conversion of units;
explanation of some concepts such as viscostatic, initial mass, natural and artificial radioactivity;
pairing correctly items when asked to distinguish two quantities in tabular form;
the cause of the spreading of the candle flame near a positive charge and the sticking together of two ice cubes when pressed together;
adhering to the given rubrics;
drawing correct labeled diagrams;
the demand of the questions;
correct labeling of graph axes;
computational skills;
grammatical expressions;
understanding of some concepts such as cathode rays, X-ray tubes and d.c. circuit analysis.
The suggested remedied were as follows:
Physics teachers should discourage students from learning by rote;
Physics teachers should employ relevant teaching aids for their classroom instructions;
Teachers should give frequent classroom and home assignment to students. Such assignment should be graded and discussed with the students afterwards;
Teachers should make students understand that examination questions are based on what they have learnt through SS 1 - 3;
Teachers should lay emphasis on understanding and applications of basic
concepts and principles of Physics;
There is the need for qualified Physics teachers to handle teaching of Physics;
There is the need for enhanced pedagogy and school based supervision;
Candidates should change their lukewarm attitudes to learning;
There is the need for adequate and effective coverage of the syllabus.

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