Physics (Essay) Paper 2 May/June 2015


Most of the candidates were unable to:

  • relate the principle of latent heat of vaporisation to the preservation of tomatoes in most jute bag;
  • effectively handle scale drawing  problems;
  • differentiate between loudness and intensity of sound;
  • explain why ships are usually refilled with sand and water after they are emptied of their cargo;
  • draw the correct symbol for OR gate;
  • state the reason why the horizontal component of the velocity of a projectile remains the same at every point of its flight;
  • explain the significance of de-Broglie was equation;
  • handle correctly arithmetic processes involving standard notation and conversion of units such as mm to m, cm2 to m3 and cm3 to m3;
  • explain the term ‘doping’ in a semiconductor.

    It was suggested that to remedy these weaknesses:

  • Teachers should pay more attention to arithmetic processes.
  • Teachers should demand for explanations to enable candidates apply fundamental principles of Physics.
  • Teachers should insist on correct definitions during evaluations of candidates.
  • Qualified and experienced physics teachers should be engaged in teaching Physics.
  • Teachers should attend coordination meetings to improve their method of teaching.
  • Teachers should endeavour to cover the syllabus.
  • Teachers should not only state principles and laws but also emphasize the applications of the principles to everyday activities.
  • Schools to engage qualified Physics teachers
  • Candidates to develop reading habits and channel their energy to studying.