Store Management Paper 1, May/June 2014  
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Question 2

          Question  2

(a)      What is storekeeping?
(b)     Explain the following risk management terms
(i)      Hedging

  1. Forward contract

(c)      State three functions of a store manager.



  1. Candidates’ performance was impressive.  Most of the candidates were

able to answer both parts (a) and (c) correctly

  1. Part (b) of the question was poorly attempted by the candidates.  The following are some of the required answers.
  1. Hedging - is a way of investing in two or more assets such that one would compensate for the other in case there is a loss in one or more assets.
  2. Forward contract - is an arrangement to buy or sell an item but delivery will not take place until a future date at a price fixed today.


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