Technical Drawing Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 2

(2)       A  block drawn in isometric is shown above.  Draw full size in first angle projection, the following views:
            (a)       front elevation from arrow X;
            (b)       plan;
            (c)        side elevation from arrow Y.


This was a question on reading and interpreting a drawing in isometric projection and transferring this drawing into orthographic views.

            Many candidates attempted this question and candidates strength were shown in the following areas:

            -           good use of lines and instruments;
            -           drawing the front elevation;
            -           drawing the plan and end elevation.

            However, some of the candidates were unable to:

  • draw the centerlines;
  • draw the projection lines;
  • draw hidden lines;
  • position the views correctly;
  • label the views.


            Candidates were expected to do the following:


  • Front Elevation


  • draw four vertical lines;
  • draw three horizontal lines;
  • draws two centre lines;
  • draw two circles;
  • label front elevation.
  • Plan


  • draw six vertical lines (outlines);
  • draw four hidden lines;
  • draw four horizontal lines;
  • draw one centre line;
  • label plan.
  • Side Elevation


  • draw four vertical lines;
  • draw five horizontal lines;
  • draw one slant line;
  • draw one centre line;
  • label side elevation.

D.        (i)         using correct scale (size);
            (ii)        correct position of views.




The solution is shown below:

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