Tourism Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments


            Some of the following weaknesses were exhibited by candidates in their answers to the    questions:

  1. Poor Expression


    Some of the candidates could not express their ideas in basic English language.      Their tenses were poor and they found it difficult to link ideas together to make    good senses to explain their points. This affected their work and rendered it            difficult for the examiners to understand.

  1. Skimpy Answers


    Most candidates found it difficult to expatiate on the points listed because of their     inadequate knowledge of the subject. They often left their points and ideas            incomplete leading to poor performance. Some viable points raised by candidates             were not comprehensive enough to attract good marks; they therefore scored low         marks.

  1. Illegible handwriting


    Some of the candidates’ handwritings were illegible and this muddled up their      work and became difficult for the examiner to read. With illegible handwriting,             good answers may not be awarded good grade.

  1. Poor Response

    Some of the candidates’ responses were poor and found to be inadequate to attract           good marks from the examiners. Such responses were either vague or irrelevant       while some were mere verbiage. This was discovered to be a result of inadequate           preparation for the paper or lack of competent teachers to guide the students in      school.



  1. Candidates should be properly trained on how to answer questions at WASSCE level;
  2. there is a need for improvement in candidates’ language and communication skills especially through frequent reading and written exercises;
  3. they  should be taught how to express their points and ideas comprehensively as against skimpy answers often given;
  4. candidates should be encouraged to improve on their writing skill and try to fine-tune their handwriting;
  5. qualified Tourism teachers should be employed to teach the subject in Secondary Schools.



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