Woodwork Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 1

Design a wall cabinet with framed sliding glass doors. The cabinet is to have a shelf and
a partition for keeping the following items:
drinking glasses;
side plates;
bottles of wine;
set of cutlery.
The overall dimensions of the cabinet are as follows:
                          width -             1000
                          depth -               300
                          height -              450


Few candidates were able to produce two preliminary freehand pictorial sketches of
different designs of the cabinet.
Candidates were expected to:
produce two different design sketches
use freehand and not instrument (straight edge);
show partition dividing the cabinet into two vertical compartments;
show a shelf dividing one of the compartments into two;
indicate overall dimensions and location dimensions of the partition and the shelf
on each of the sketches.
show the framed sliding door members (such as stiles, rails, glass panel symbol)
and indication of sliding of the doors.

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