Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 4

(a)        State four factors that influence design.
(b)        Explain each of the following terms:
                        (i)         working drawing;
                        (ii)        cutting list.

(c)        Make an exploded pictorial sketch of a stopped haunched mortise and tenon joint.

(d)        Name two padding materials used in upholstery.


    Most candidates were able to:

  1. state the factors that influence design;
  2. explain the given terms (i. e. working drawing and cutting list).


However, majority failed to:

  1. make an exploded pictorial sketch of a stopped haunched mortise and tenon joint;
  2. name the padding materials used in upholstery.

The expected response to question 4 is as given below:

            (a)        Factors influencing Design:
                        -           Fitness of purpose/Function/Efficiency/Suitability.
                        -           Proportion/Ergonomics.
                        -           Finishing/Appearance/Aesthetics.
                        -           Cost.
                        -           Material.
                        -           Construction method.
                        -           Technology/Technical Know-how.
                        -           Labour.
                        -           Availability of funds.

            (b)        (i)         Working drawing

It is a type of drawing which shows details of an object in orthographic
and pictorial view to aid the realization of the object.  A set of working
drawing includes Orthographic view presented in First or Third Angle
projection, sections and detailed drawings.  The number of views drawn

depends on the complexity of the article and often includes pictorial
drawings, notes and specifications.  It is usually presented in a tabular form.

                        (ii)        Cutting list

                                     It is a summary of the wood members to be prepared for the construction
                                      of an article.  The information contained includes job name, member name, rough and                                       finished sizes and quantity required.

(c)        Exploded pictorial sketch of a stopped haunched mortise and tenon joint

(d)        Padding materials used in upholstery
                        -           Latex foam
                        -           Rubberized foam
                        -           Grass/sea grass
                        -           Coconut fibre
                        -           Feather
                        -           Horse hair
                        -           Hessia/burlap
                        -           Capok
                        -           Cotton
                        -           Hem

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