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Agricultural Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Majority of the candidates were unable to.

  •   describe an experiment to show the presence of organic matter in a fresh sample of

  garden soil;

  •   use notations to calculate the weight of organic matter in the soil;
  •   state problems of soils with a pH value of 4.0;
  •   describe briefly how to use the animal-drawn implement (mouldboard plough);
  •   state functions of the animal-drawn implement (mouldboard plough);
  •   determine the percentage loss in yield resulting from failure to control weeds for

  millet, cassava, soya bean and onion;

  •   state methods of identification of farm animals illustrated by diagrams I to V;
  •   describe briefly how the method illustrated by diagram III could be carried out;
  • state problems that could result from each of the methods illustrated by diagrams II and III;
  • suggest ways of preventing the occurrence of the problems stated under diagram III.
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