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Biology Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 1

  1.     Which features in the flowering plant correspond to the
  2.    testes;
  3.    sperms of a male mammal?                                  (2 marks)
  1.     With the aid of a labeled diagram briefly describe

    the female reproductive system in humans.                    (12 marks)

  1.      State      (i)   three differences;

                    (ii)   three similarities between the male and
                            female reproductive systems in humans.   (6 marks)

This questions was fairly well attempted by candidates and their performance was slightly above average.   Most candidates could correctly state the structures in flowering plants  which correspond to the testes namely anther and pollen grain but a few candidates lost marks due to spelling errors.  A large number of candidates drew fairly good diagrams of the female reproductive system in humans but loss marks for  
               not giving titles to their diagrams and drawing the urinogenital system rather than the
               reproductive system as required.




Many candidates performed well in stating the similarities between the male and female reproductive system in humans but performed poorly in stating the differences.  In comparing the systems the points did not correspond and so they lost marks.


Expected answers include:

Difference between Male and Female Reproductive systems



 Testes present;
 Ovaries absent;
Testes are enclosed in a scrotal; sac/outside the body;
Have a common urinal/gental; opening;
Epididymis present;
No cervix;
No uterus;
No vulva;
Accessory glands/seminal;
vesicles/cowpers/prostrate glands present;
Vigina absent;
Penis present;
Vas-deferens/sperm duct present.

Testes absent;
Ovaries present;
Ovaries are embedded inside the body;
Urinary and genital openings are separate;
Epidiidymis absent;
Cervix present;
Uterus present;
Vulva present;
Accessory glands absent;


Vigina present;
Penis absent;
Vas-deferens/sperm duct absent.

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