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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 6

Matt 26: 36 - 56

  •        Describe what happened in Gethsemane up to the time the disciples forsook Jesus.
  •     Mention two lessons that can be learnt from this episode.

Candidates were expected to say what happened in Gethsemane up to when the disciples forsook Jesus i.e. from where he went to pray with the three disciples and when he was arrested and taken away.

Few candidates attempted this question but failed to mention points like:

  1. Jesus asked the crowd whether they came to him as against a robber. 
  2. If he wished he could have asked the father to send legions of angels but the Scripture must be fulfilled
  3. He was with him them daily in the temple but they did not arrest him.

In (b) part they were unable to mention vital points like:

  • Friends should not betray one another;
  • Violent solution do not solve problems;
  • Need to be careful with the people one relates with;
  • Christians should be trustworthy and loyal followers

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