Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments
Question 2

(a)  Mene ne Tilon wasali?
           (b)  Tilon wasali guda nawa ne a Hausa? Kawo su.
          (c) i. Me ya bambanta Tilon wasali da Tagwan wasali?

             ii. Kawo misalan Tagwan wasali guda biyu.


 Kawo misalan Tagwan wasali guda biyu.
The question above is on phonology, candidates were required to define a monophthong, mention the number and to identify them. They are also required to differentiate between monophthong and diphthong and further give two examples of diphthong.

          a.       Tilon wasali shi ne wasalin da furucinsa ke da siga ?aya tak.
          b.       Tilon wasali guda goma ne a Hausa.
                    Daga cikinsu, guda biyar gajeru ne, biyar kuma, masu tsayi/ dogaye.
          Gajeru                                   Masu tsayi
          a                                                aa
          e                                                ee
          i                                                  ii
          o                                                oo
          u                                                uu

c.i.     Tilon wasali yana da siga guda ne tak wajen furuci, shi kuwa tagwan wasali yana
         da siga biyu, don yana farawa ne da tilon wasali ya ?are da wani tilon.

             ii.    Misalan tagwan wasali:
                  /ai/ da /au/ da /ui/.
          Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.

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