Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments
Question 3

(a)  Kawo ga?o?oin furuci masu motsi guda uku.
          (b)  Kawo misalan uku-uku na wa?annan:
                i.  bale?e;
              ii.   zuzau;
              iii.  maras ziza;
             iv.   mai furucin goyo.


This is also a question on phonology and candidates were expected to mention three active articulators. They are also required to mention three sounds each of bilabial, fricative, affricate and consonants with secondary articulation.

           a.      - le?en ?asa
                    - tsinin harshe
                    - gaban harshe
                    - ?irjin harshe
                    - doron harshe

  b.  i. Bale?e - /b/, /?/, /m/, /f/.
                 ii. Zuzau - /sh/, /f/, /fy/, /h/, /z/, /s/.
                iii. Maras ziza - /t/, /s/, /ts/, /?/, /k/, /?w/, /?y/, /ky/, /f/, /c/,/h/, /fy/, /kw/, /sh/
                iv. Masu furucin goyo - /kw/, /?w/, /gw/, /gy/, /ky/, /’y/, /fy/, /?y/.
Candidates’ performance on this question was not encouraging.

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