Visual Art Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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  1. What is a poster?
  2. List the four major components of a poster.
  3. Highlight the significance of a visual artist in the advertisement of a product.

This question attracted a large number of candidates and most of these candidates earned good marks. Nevertheless, some of the candidates failed to articulate the role of the visual artist in product advertisement. This prevented them from earning all the obtainable marks. The following were some of the responses expected from candidates:
(a)        -           a printed picture, usually a reproduction of a photograph or illustration
which is made on paper and pasted on a wall or vertical surface for advertising purposes.

-           mass produced advertisement, usually printed on a sheet of paper and pasted on a wall or vertical surface for public display.

-           designs made up of full colour illustration or picture with a short text and identifying trademark usually created for the advertisement of a product, service or idea.

(b)        -           text (headline and body copy)
-           colour
-           image (photograph or illustration)
                        -           logo/sponsor’s identification symbol/trademark

(c)        -           the graphic artist creates designs with either photograph or illustration
and supported with a text to sell a product. Such a design is based on the desired objective of the promoter (advertiser).      
-           the graphic artist design and create product’s package which  shows the benefits of using the product in order to arouse the interest of buyers and influence them to buy the product.

-           the graphic designer uses his creativity to communicate effectively to the public on the benefits of a product.


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