Visual Art Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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  1. Write notes on Aku’aba under the following headings:
    (a)        origin;
    (b)        four features;
    (c)        two functions.
    In clear validation of inadequate knowledge of Non-Nigerian art traditions, very few candidates attempted this question and most of them as usual, mixed up the features with the functions thereby losing substantial marks. The candidates should have responded to the question thus:

    1.       -           Ashanti (Akan) tribe of Ghana.                                   

    (b)        -           the head is disc-like or round in shape.
                -           the nose is slender.
                -           the ears are usually pierced at the lower end with earrings in place.
                -           the mouth is usually slit.
                -           the neck is slender, ringed and decorated with beads.
                -           the breast, which symbolizes fertility is usually prominent and
                -           the torso is tall and slender with the navel at the lowest end.
                -           the lower part, usually from the waist to the feet appears like a pedestal
                            which gives a feeling of stability.

    (c)        -           Religious functions:

    It is given to barren women to care for and treat like a baby. Through this, it is believed that such a woman will conceive and bear her own children.

    It is carried and admired constantly by pregnant women in the belief that their children will be as beautiful when they are born.

    -           Magical Function

    It is used to search for lost babies who are believed to have been captured by dwarfs.

    -           Aesthetic function: it embodies the Ashanti’s concept of beauty.

    -           Utility function: It serves as a toy or plaything for children
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