Visual Art Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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  1. Write notes on Aina Onabolu with particular reference to his:

    1. training;
    2. area of specialization and style;
    3. general contributions to the development of art.

    The question was popular among the candidates and most of them responded remarkably while a few goofed on his area of specification.  Generally, the question was well attempted but the candidates would have earned more marks if they had given the following responses:


    (a)        -           he started practicing art on his own in 1900 while still in government

    -           he travelled to England in 1920 to study art at St. John’s Wood Art School, London.

    -           he also studied art at Julian Academy            in Paris.

    -           he received a Diploma in art education and painting.


    (b)        -           he was a painter and an art educator.
                -           his paintings were academic and naturalistic.
                -           he worked more on painting of portraits.

    (c)        -           against popular misconception, Onabolu was able to prove that
    Africans are also creative and capable of producing academic paintings which conform with the laws of proportion.

    -           he was the first indigenous art educator in Nigeria.

    -           he laid the foundation upon which other artists built and thus, he is popularly regarded as the father of modern Nigerian art.

    -           he encouraged government to employ expatriate art teachers, e.g. Kenneth Murray and Dennis Duerden to teach in Nigerian schools.

                            -           his activities made art to be recognized in the Nigerian School system.

                            -           he fought for the inclusion of art in the school curriculum


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