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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Question 7

(a) Name four breeds of rabbits.
(b) Give two reasons why oestrus detection is important in farm animals.
(c) State four functions of each of the following hormones in farm animals:
(ii)       Oestrogen.
(d)(i) List two viral diseases of poultry.    [2 marks]
(ii) List two ecto-parasites of poultry.  
  • This question was poorly attempted by the candidates. In 7(a), many candidates could name the breeds of rabbits. However, in 7(b), most of the candidates could not give the reasons why oestrus detection is important in farm animals.
  • Enables the farmer to know when best his animals can be serviced Enables the farmer to properly manage the animal
  • Enables the farmer to start preparation for the impending pregnancy
  • Also, in 7(b) (i & ii), most of the candidates were unable to state the functions of hormones (androgen and oestrogen) in farm animals.
  • Androgen
  • Initiates spermatogenesis (sperm formation)
  • Is responsible for the initiation of male secondary sexual characteristics Maintains the sexual drive (Libido)
  • Enhances muscular and skeletal growth
  • Reduces fat deposition
  • Promotes the growth of accessory sex glands Sustains the life of sperms in the epididymis
  • Oestrogen
  • Stimulates the development of female secondary sexual characteristics e.g. heat behaviour
  • Promotes the production of eggs through oogenesis
  • It is concerned with the preparation of the uterus lining for the reception of the fertilized ovum
  • It increases blood supply as well as the water content of the uterus
  • It stimulates the growth of the duct system in the mammary glands (udder) In the oviduct, it increases cilliary activities and mucous secretion. Induces the rapid multiplication of epithelium in the vagina
  • Newcastle Gumboro Mareks
  • Bird Flu! Avian influenza Fowl pox

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