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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

:Majority of the candidates were unable to:
    • State the merits and demerits of using animal power on the farm; list factors that may affect the efficiency of draught animals;
    • Describe the process involved in making compost using the pit method under the following headings: materials; preparation and storage;
    • State problems associated with overhead irrigation;
    • design a 4-year crop rotation system using yam, cassava, maize and groundnut; give reasons why oestrus detection is important in farm animals;
    • state functions of hormones in farm animals (i.e. androgen and oestrogen); list viral diseases of poultry;
    • state reasons for carrying out the following animal husbandry practices (Le. culling of poultry and dehoming of cattle);
    • mention the botanical names of pasture legumes grown in West Africa; explain why the demand curve slopes downwards;
    • state the advantages and disadvantages of newspapers and television as agricultural extension teaching methods;
    • list factors that cause a change in supply of agricultural produce;
    • distinguish between fixed cost and variable cost and give examples of each; explain agricultural extension teaching methods such as posters and field trips.
    • In view of the identified weakness noted above,the chief examiners advised that
    • (l)    the teaching and learning of agriculture should be made more practical oriented with adequate exposure of the candidates to modem ways of farming;
    • (2)   excursion and field trips to agricultural institutions and commercial farms should form part of the course requirements for agricultural science in schools;
    • (3)        agricultural science graduates should be made to teach the subject for an in depth teaching and learning.

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