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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' Strength

Majority of the candidates showed an appreciable improvement in their ability to:

      • Define agriculture, list branches of agriculture and state differences between commercial agriculture and subsistence agriculture;
      • Explain farm surveying and state reasons why farm surveying is important;
      • enumerate problems facing agricultural development in West Africa;
      • Define soil, list its components and state the percentage of soil components by volume; define soil erosion;
      • List factors that influence nutrient availability in the soil;
      • Explain the roles of factors such as climate, living organisms and topography in soil formation;
      • Define the crop rotation terms and crop improvement;
      • state reasons why weeds are difficult to control;
      • mention effects of diseases on crop production;
      • Apply their knowledge of Mendelian laws in calculating the percentage of plants that are:Tall Coloured; Tall White; Dwarf Coloured and Dwarf White;
      • Name breeds of rabbits;
      • List ecto-parasites of poultry;
      • List methods of identification in cattle production;
      • state ways of preserving harvested fish;
      • Define demand and price elasticity of demand;
      • list agents of agricultural marketing.


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