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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments
Candidates' Strength

Majority of the candidates showed an appreciable improvement in their ability to:   

  1. state ways in which non-governmental organisations contribute to agricultural production;
  2. give functions of components of an incubator such as counter, thermostat, hygrometer, egg tray and heater;
  3. enumerate factors that limit food production in West Africa;
  4. state characteristics of clay;
  5. list symptoms of phosphorus deficiency in crops;
  6. state aims of crop improvement;
  7. give conditions necessary for seed germination;
  8. state the importance of conducting a germination test;
  9. state reasons for providing suitable housing for livestock;
  10. state qualities of a good pasture plant;
  11. define the term culling in poultry production;
  12. mention benefits derived from culling;
  13. state ways of preventing diseases in a sheep flock;
  14. discuss the practice of paddocking as a way of improving rangeland;
  15. mention objectives of agricultural extension;
  16. explain the term marketing channel;
  17. outline the marketing channels for cocoa;
  18. state characteristics of land.


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