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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 1

(a)    (i)    What is an agricultural system?                                          [2 marks]
              (ii)      List five agricultural systems practised in West Africa.     [5 marks]
(b)State four ways in which non-governmental organisations contribute to agricultural production.       [4 marks]
(c)    Give one function of each of the following components of an incubator:
   (i)      counter;   
   (ii)     thermostat;       
   (iii)    hygrometer;  
   (iv)     egg tray;
    (v)     heater.                                                                                   [5 marks]


This question was fairly attempted by the candidates.  In questions 1(a)(i and ii), many candidates could neither explain what an agricultural system is nor list agricultural systems practised in West Africa.  However, in question 1(b), most of the candidates were able to state ways in which non-governmental organisations contribute to agricultural production.  Also, in question 1(c), majority of the candidates could give the functions of components of an incubator.

The expected answers include:

            Meaning of an Agricultural system
This is a method of farming evolved by different communities in the
efforts to obtain the highest possible returns from their lands and  animals
needs, without compromising the fertility and productivity of the soil.
                        Agricultural systems practised in West Africa
-           Shifting cultivation
-           Bush fallowing/land rotation
-           Continuous cropping
-           Crop rotation
-           Monocropping
-           Monoculture
-           Mixed cropping
-           Mixed  farming
-           Pastoral farming
-           Nomadic herding
-           Ranching
-           Ley farming
-           Agro-forestry
-           Alley cropping
-           Taungya system
-           Ecological/Organic farming


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