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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 2

(a)      Enumerate six factors that limit food production in West Africa.
                                                                                                                                [6 marks]
(b)     State three advantages and three disadvantages of solar energy as a
                         source of farm power.                                                                   [6 marks]

(c)      List four tractor-coupled implement.                                            [4 marks]


This question was fairly attempted by the candidates.  In question 2(a) majority of the  candidates were able to enumerate factors that limit food production in West Africa.  However, in question 2(b),  many candidates were unable to state the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy as a source of farm power.  Also, in question 2(c), some candidates could not list tractor-coupled implements.
The expected answers include:

Advantages of solar energy
-           It is a cheap source of farm power
-           It can be stored for later use
-           Solar energy technology is environmental friendly
-           Running cost is low because no fuel is consumed
-           Solar panels have long life span                     

Disadvantages of Solar energy as a source of farm power
-           The performance of solar systems is weather-dependent/erratic
-          There is an initial high capital cost
-           The batteries have negative environmental impacts, especially during    manufacture and disposal
-           Some solar technologies require sophisticated manufacturing processes
available in only a few developed countries.       

Tractor-coupled implements
-           Ploughs
-           Harrows
-           Ridgers
-           Planters
-           Sprayers
-           Mowers
-           Balers
-           Harvester

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