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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 8

(a)     (i)      Define the term culling in poultry production.                        [2 marks]
        (ii)      Mention three benefits derived from culling.                         [3 marks]
(b         State four ways of preventing diseases in a sheep flock.               [4 marks]
(c)        Discuss the practice of paddocking as a way of improving rangeland.  [4 marks]
(d)       State three fishery regulations                                                         [3 marks]


This question was very popular with the candidates.  In question 8 (a)(i-ii), majority of the candidates could define the term culling and could state the benefits derived from culling in poultry production.  In question 8(b), most of the candidates could state ways of preventing diseases in a sheep flock.  Also, in question 8(c), many candidates could discuss the practice of paddocking as a way of improving rangeland.  However, in question8(d), some of the candidates were unable to state fishery regulations.The expected answers include:
Fishery Regulations
(a)Dumping of toxic materials/industrial wastes in fishing area is prohibited.
(b)The use of chemicals in fishing is prohibited
(c)Certification that fishes to be sold to the public are safe for human consumption
(d)Use of explosives is prohibited
(e)Forbids the killing of endangered aquatic animals
(f)Mesh size regulation enforcement to prevent immature fishes
(g)Catch quota regulation which limits the quantity a fisherman can harvest
(h)Enforcement of close season regulation.                

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