Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments


There was no remarkable strength exhibited by the candidates. However, their performance was above average in their ability to:

explain the term agriculture;
list the industries that utilize cereals as their raw materials;
outline the problems that hinder the attainment of self-sufficiency in food production in West Africa;
enumerate the benefits of commercial farming;
explain the term farm mechanization;
list the limitations of farm mechanization in West Africa;
suggest the possible ways of encouraging the use of farm mechanization to improve agricultural production in West Africa;
list the sources of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;
list the ways by which biotic factors such as parasites and soil organisms affect agricultural production;
explain the term drainage;
list the methods of drainage;
state the advantages and disadvantages of methods of drainage;
list the factors that influence the choice of a crop nursery site;
mention the ways by which forests enhance soil conservation;
define fish farming;
discuss the foot-and - mouth disease under the following headings: causal agent,
symptoms and control;
draw and label the digestive system of a ruminant animal;
list the factors of agricultural production;
state the rewards for factors of agricultural production;
outline functions of the wholesaler in agricultural marketing;
mention the examples of group extension teaching methods;
list the factors that affect the efficiency of agricultural labour;
outline the ways in which capital is important in agricultural production.

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