Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (PC), 2016

Candidates Strength

 The candidates were able to:

  • mention the principles of farmstead layout;
  • list examples of secondary tillage implements;
  • define soil pH;
  • state causes of soil acidity;
  • list materials used in correcting soil acidity;
  • discuss causative organism, mode of transmission, symptom and control measures of onion twister disease;
  • state the adverse effects of insect-pests on crop production;
  • outline the desirable qualities to be considered in selecting a breeding stock in pig production;
  • list the characteristics of beef cattle;
  • state the reasons why livestock distribution is concentrated in the savannah region of West Africa;
  • define artificial insemination;
  • state the advantages of artificial insemination;
  • define floriculture;
  • state the advantages and disadvantages of sprinkler irrigation;
  • outline the ways in which irrigation is important in crop production;
  • list the qualities of a good agricultural extension agent;
  • state the advantages and disadvantages of individual and group methods of agricultural extension teaching methods;
  • explain forest regulations.