Agriculture Paper 2, WASSCE (PC), 2016

Candidates Weakness

 Candidates were unable to:

  • state the roles of agricultural research institutes in agricultural development;
  • outline the advantages and disadvantages of land ownership by inheritance;
  • state the uses of knapsack sprayer;
  • classify crops based on their uses;
  • give the correct botanical names of crops;
  • calculate the number of White leghorn fowls that could be kept in a deep litter house;
  • list examples of ornamental plants used as hedges in West Africa;
  • - explain what is meant by farm budget;
  • calculate the salvage value, useful life, total depreciation and annual depreciation of a tractor;
  • state the precautionary measures that should be taken in beekeeping.


Based on the observed weaknesses the Chief Examiners recommended as follow:

  • Aspects of the syllabus such as agricultural development, crop classification, botanical names of crops, ornamental plants and farm accounts amongst others should be emphasized by teachers; and
  • Only graduates of Agricultural Science/Agriculture should be allowed to teach the subject in Senior Secondary Schools in West Africa.