Agricultural Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments


The weaknesses exhibited by the candidates include their inability to:
- suggest ways of improving the least productive soil;
- name the parts of the farm machinery labelled I(Seed box or hopper),II(Press . wheel/Roller) and III    (Rotating seed funnel);
- identify the farm tool in the illustration B (Digging mattock):
- state the uses of the farm tool labelled B(Digging mattock);
- state the structural differences between the illustrated farm tools A(Hand
  trowel) and B(Digging mattock);
- mention the problems that could result from leaving the farm tool labelled B
  (Digging mattock) on the field after use;
- state the uses of the by-product obtained from the process represented by X
  (fermentation) which takes place in step 6;
- state the ways in which the process represented by X (Fermentation) is
- identify the disease condition on the affected pod;
- name the possible causal organism of the disease;
- outline the measures the farmers can take to control the spread of the disease
  in the farm;
- name the animal parasite labelled D (Liver fluke);
- mention the primary host and secondary host of the parasite labelled D(Liver
- determine the percentage drop in egg production from February to March;
- suggest possible causes of the rapid decline in egg production from April to
- state the characteristics of the layers that the farmers could use to cull out the
  unproductive ones from the flock.


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