Applied Electricity Paper 2 , May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 3
  1. State:
  2. two functions of substations in an electrical power system;
  3. two types of substations.
  4.  List four main components of an overhead distribution system.


The expected answers were:

  1.  (i)  Any two of the functions listed below:

-        Measuring transformers are located for protection
-        For distribution of electrical power
-        For stepping up or down of system voltage
-        Monitoring
-        Control
 (ii)  The two types are (any two):(i) transmission substation;
                                                (ii) generation substation;
                                                (iii) distribution substation;
                                                (iv) outdoor substation;
                                                (v) indoor substation.
      (b) Any four of the components listed below:
            Conductors                                        Anchors
            Poles                                       Cross arm
            Guys wires/stay wires               D-iron
The question was on Electrical Energy Supply. It was unpopular with the candidates. More than half of the candidates that attempted the question found part (a) difficult. They were not at home with the components of an overhead distribution system.

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