Applied Electricity Paper 2 , May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 6


  1.      In Figure 6, state the function of the component S.
  2.      Determine the voltmeter reading when the component S is closed.
  3.      Calculate the energy consumed by component L in 1 hour.



The expected answers were:

  1.      The function of the component S is to open or close the circuit in order to      control the light bulb.
  2.      Since P = IV

    V =  =
    V = 11.11 V

  1.      Energy consumed by the component L = kW x h

20 x 1 = 20 Wh OR 0.020 x 1
=0.020 kWh
The question was on Direct Current Circuit Theory/Electrical Wiring. The question was popular with the candidates. The performance was reported good.
The candidates who attempted this were able to identify the component S and stated its function. Many of them calculated correctly the voltage drop across the lamp-load and the energy consumed by it.

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