Auto Mechanical Work Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments
Question 1

(1)       (a)       (i)         Sketch the thermo-syphon cooling system.
                                    (ii)        Label four parts of the sketch in 1 (a)(i).
                                    (iii)       State two demerits of the thermo-syphon cooling system

   (b)       Explain the term convection current.







The candidates, who attempted this question, responded well to parts (ai) and (aii).  However parts (aiii) and (b) were difficult for them.  The required responses to these parts are given below:

(aiii)     -           it requires large water passages to ensure unrestricted flow;
            -           it requires high radiator height or bulky radiator;
            -           it requires a big bonnet;
            -           it requires large quantity of water;
            -           water circulation is slow.

(b)       This refers to the circulation of water due to change in densities i.e. the hotter water moves to the top while the colder moves down.

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