Auto Mechanical Work Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments
Question 2

(2)       (a)       (i)         Name the material that is used for making brake lining.
            (ii)        List three properties of brake lining material.
            (iii)       List two methods of attaching brake lining to shoes.

(b)       State:
            (i)         two merits of disc brake;
            (ii)        one demerit of disc brake.

(c)        Explain the action of the master cylinder when the brakes are applied.




The parts of the question that were problematic for the candidates were parts (a) and (c).  The required responses to these parts are given below:

(ai)       -           asbestos;
            -           synthetic resin of phenol – formaldehyde;
            -           Kevlar fibre.

(aii)      -           high coefficient of friction when used with steel;
-           ability to resist wear;
                                                -           ability to resist heat;
                                                -           ability to resist moisture;
                                                -           high fensile strength to resist high stress imposed during
                                                            severe braking.
(aiii)     -           riveting
            -           bonding.
(c)        When the driver depresses the brake pedal, fluid from the master cylinder flows through the check valve into the wheel cylinder. 
This causes the piston in the wheel cylinder to move out causing the shoes to contact the brake drum thus stopping the vehicle.


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