Automobile Parts Mechandising Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 3


(a)        State the type of gearbox in the sketch above.
(b)        Name the parts labeled J, K. M. N and P.
(c)        State three functions of a gearbox


This question attracted most of the candidates.  They faired well in part (b) of the question.  However some of the candidates could not provide the required responses to the various parts of the question.  The required responses to the various parts of the question are:

(a) The type of gearbox is a constantmesh type.



J               -           input shaft
K                -           dog clutch
M               -           first gear on the main shaft
N                -           output shaft or main shaft
P                -           reverse idler gear

      (c)  The functions of the gearbox are:


-     it enables the vehicle drive at different speeds to suit different road conditions;
-     it enables the vehicle to travel in opposite direction;
-     it multiplies the torque from engine;
-     it also provided a permanent position for neutral.