Automobile Parts Mechandising Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 7

 (a)       Explain the term customers service.

(b)        State any six types of customer services the automobile parts seller renders to his customers.


Most of the candidates who attempted this question did very well in part (a) of the question.  However part (b) was poorly answered by the candidates.  The required response to part (b) of the question is.

(b)        Types of customer services include:

  • display of goods on the shelves;
  • provision of trolleys;
  • provision of packing space;
  • provision of attendants;
  • provision of recreational facilities;
  • aesthetic touch/decoration;
  • home delivery;
  • personal attention;
  • installation;
  • maintenance/repairs;
  • trouble shooting;
  • replacement of faulty parts under guarantee.