Automobile Parts Mechandising Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 5


  1. (a)        What is customer service?

    (b)        State four ways an auto parts seller can offer good service to his customers.

    (c)        State five importance of customer service in automobile parts merchandising.


The candidates who attempted this question performed well in part (a) of the question.  However, parts (b) and (c) were not properly responded to.  The required responses to parts (b) and (c) are:

(b)        Ways an Autoparts Seller can offer good Customer Service

-           Proper display of products on the shelves.
-           Welcome customers cheerfully.
-           Politely ask to know the interest of the customer.
-           Be sensitive and receptive to customer inquiries and requests.
-           Show appreciation and thanks to the customer for patronage;
-           Deliver the goods purchased promptly to the buyer.
-           Assist the customer to meet the company’s sale conditions and guarantees.
-           Give assistance and training to customers where necessary.
-           Provide maintenance service of products when necessary.
-           Deal with complaints and doubts about products by customers.
-           Granting credit to customers.
-           Delivery of products to customers.
-           Grant discounts to customers.

(c)        Importance of Customer Service
-           It increases customers’ patronage.
-           It gives satisfaction to customers.
-           It establishes good service reputation.
-           It adds value to their products/services.
-           It increases customers’ referrals.
-           It reduces customers’ complaints.

-           It s projects good image for the seller.
-           It s promotes competitive advantage.
-           It s increases turnover for the seller.