Carpentry And Joinery (Paper 2) May/June 2015

Question 5

  1. Use fig 1 to answer the following questions:

  2. State the operation illustrated in X;

    b.         Name a tool used for the operation stated in X;
    C.         Name a tool used to set out the curve in Y;
    d.         Name the tool to be used in cutting the curve in Y.


Most candidates were able to name the tool for the operation and tool used for cutting curve. However, majority of them failed to state the operation illustrated in fig. 1 and the name of the tool used to set out the curve in Y.

The expected response to question 5 is as given below:
5.  Tools and operation:

  1. setting out, checking right angle;
  2. try – square;
  3. trammel, wing compass;
  4. coping saw, bow saw, compass saw.