Carpentry And Joinery (Paper 2) May/June 2015

Question 7

  1. Define the term wood finishing.
  2. Explain the following finishing operations:
  3. staining;
  4. sanding;
  5. lacquering.


Most candidates were able to:

  • Define the term wood finishing;
  • Explain staining and sanding.

However few of them were unable to explain lacquering.
The expected response to question 7 is as given below:

  • (a)  Finishing is the process of coating or polishing that gives the job its final appearance.

(b)  (i)         Staining is the treating of the surface of job with a colouring solution to change its
natural colour.
(ii)         Sanding is the general term applied to the use of coated abrasive in smoothening timber surfaces for finishing.
(iii)        lacquering is the application of lacquer to the wood surface.