Commerce Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

candidates' weakness

 Some of the weaknesses observed in the candidates ‘ scripts were:

  • Poor use of English grammar: most candidates had difficulties in expressing themselves using English language , thus they lost valuable  marks.             
  • Inadequate preparation for the examination. Most candidates lack good knowledge of the subject as  a result they could not  attempt some questions on  insurance, development of commercial activities in West Africa, International trade and Importance of marketing to business. 
  • illegible handwriting; It was very difficult reading the writings of Most candidates which forced the examiners to decipher some of  the words used in the candidates’ answers.
  • Poor organization of  work most candidates did not present the work in orderly manner thereby did not adhere to rubrics.


    i. The candidates should endeavour to learn the rudiment of English  grammar so as to enable them express their answers clearly.                                                                                                                                                                              ii.      The candidates should cover the syllabus adequately to enhance their knowledge of the subject to enable them perform excellently in the examination.    
     iii. Candidates should practice handwriting drill so as to improve on their handwriting.                                                                                       
     iv.     Candidates should  endeavour to  learn the examination  rules and                      regulations so as to enhance their  performance in  examination.

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