Computer Studies Paper 3, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 2

The Table shows the scores of ten(10) candidates in five(5) subjects.



 (a)    Using a spreadsheet program, insert a heading:
        ‘‘CANDIDATES’ SCORES IN FIVE SUBJECTS’’ and centre it.
(b)    Create the table.
(c)    Using the appropriate formula, determine the:
         (i)   total score for each candidate in column 8;
         (ii)  average score for each candidate in column 9.
(d)    In the row following the tenth candidate, type the name of the best candidate and
         his/her average score.
(e)    Save your work in a suitable storage device. Print out the hard copy of your work
        and submit.





The candidates were expected to use a spreadsheet program in creating a table with the title, ‘ CANDIDATES’ SCORES IN FIVE SUBJECTS’, use the appropriate formula of the program to do some calculations, determine the best candidate and his/her score, save their work and print out a hard copy.





The expected answers were:

As reported, many of the candidates made brilliant attempts while others had difficulties in creating the table/columns, centering and inserting the heading, calculating the total and average scores.                                                                                            
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